Bethany's practice over the last seven to eight years has fully embraced both vinyasa flow and Ashtanga yoga.  Bethany teaches both athletic and gentle vinyasa flow classes as well as an open Ashtanga format and prenatal yoga.  One of her loves is teaching chair yoga and yoga for seniors (and non-seniors alike)  for those students whose access to yoga may have been restricted as a result of trauma, injury and/or natural aging.  Bethany believes that yoga can (and should!) be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.   In addition to her 200  Hour certification, she is also certified as a Silver Age Yoga teacher, specializing in teaching seniors and those with physical limitations that may make  a more strenuous  yoga class out of reach.  Bethany was a gymnast and dancer between the ages five and fourteen and then began training as a spring board and tower diver. Through her practice of yoga, she finds the strength of gymnastics, the grace of dance, the weightlessness of diving and, most importantly, a path for transformation and spiritual growth.