VINYASA FLOW YOGA - ATHLETIC  (60 - 75 minutes)

This athletic vinyasa flow practice welcomes students seeking a dynamic and challenging physical practice.   While we will often explore arm balances and inversions, variations for poses will be offered to accommodate students of all levels of experience.  This practice will build strength and endurance while increasing flexibility, mental focus and overall radiant health.  Each practice will close with a time of rest and deep relaxation.  Where indicated on the schedule, the class will be heated (to 80+ degrees) to promote detoxification and increased flexibility.  


This class begins by flowing gracefully through a series of sun salutations with emphasis on movement with breath to warm-up the body, then transitions into a challenging standing sequence with focus on mindfulness, balance and strength. Midway throughout the class, the practice peaks and begins to slow towards a more gentle practice, allowing the body to soften and become more receptive to increasing flexibility levels while keeping the mind peaceful and calm. Modifications and variations will be offered to beginners as well as advanced practitioners.  

GENTLE YOGA (60 - 75 minutes)

This vinyasa flow practice offers a more gentle, slower-paced class for students of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.  Variations for poses will be offered to accommodate students of varying levels of experience. This class may also be appropriate for pregnant women (suitable modifications will be offered) and is an excellent introduction to yoga for a beginner or for experienced practitioners seeking a "cooling" and contemplative practice. The practice will encourage proper breathing, quiet reflection and deep relaxation. 

Yoga for Lunch (45 minutes) by appointment only

This lunch-time class will be shortened to accommodate students practicing on their lunch hours.  The class will provide a full body/mind vinyasa practice, incorporating a series of flowing poses to strengthen and maintain healthy flexibility in the neck, back and spine.  

Please contact Bethany at to join our lunch email list.


The majority of this class is conducted in a chair.  Great care is taken with mindful slow movements to gently and safely improve balance, agility, strength, flexibility and concentration. This is a wonderful class for those suffering from back pain, joint pain, recovering from an injury or experiencing mobility issues (as long as you can make it up the stairs to get to class!), and those (beginners and masters alike!) seeking a deeply relaxing practice that also promotes health, overall wellness and improved mood.  Please wear comfortable clothes.  Chairs, mats and blankets will be provided. 


Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. This class begins with a 45 minute all-level vinyasa yoga practice. We will move, and breathe into, our bodies to prepare both our minds and bodies for the short meditation practice that follows. Class will close with a time of rest and relaxation. No prior yoga or meditation experience necessary.


Restorative Yoga is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. With the use of props, students will be given the chance to fully and gently relax into poses. Through these restorative yoga poses we will work to release deep tensions, creating optimal conditions for release and relaxation. Join Rachel and Rhonda as they help guide you through this gentle and transformative practice. This workshop will be held the first Sunday of every month from 4 to 6 pm. The cost is $25.00 and class size is limited, so sign up early.


Mindfulness is a set of practices to help us become more aware of our choices and our resources, so that we might actively participate in living more fully and presently and, over time, with less suffering. Whether you have been trained in mindfulness and are practicing (or have fall off of practicing and would like support in beginning again) or you are simply interested in exploring mindfulness practice, we welcome you to participate in a monthly mindfulness collaborative practice and discussion. Here, we will practice mindfulness mediation a bit together, open and ask our questions (if you like), and listen and support one another as we practice. We never intend to practice mindfulness for ourselves alone. Rather, we intend to extend the collaborative as a safe place to explore mindfulness practice in community with one another. Please reach out to Bethany (904/704-3298) or Bonnie (904/891-6537) with any questions you may have.