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Shine On! A workshop with Taylor Harkness, February 3 - 5, 2017

  • Lotus Yoga 869 Stockton Street Jacksonville, FL, 32204 United States (map)


FEBRUARY 3, 2017

Friday's workshop will be a special session for teachers and teacher trainees.  Early bird $85 (before 12/31/16); otherwise $100. Sorry, no refunds.

FRIDAY, 9:00a – 5:00p (we will break from 11-12:30 for lunch)               Finding Your Framework: A Yoga Teachers Think Tank (Open to Teachers and Trainees)                                                                                                                       Intention: Further our skills as yoga teachers with authenticity, smart sequencing and student advocacy.

Being a yoga teacher takes a lot of time, work, energy, and commitment— and from the moment you begin teaching, you’re sharing a big piece of yourself. Many of us know what it’s like to lose inspiration to the hustle and grind of teaching multiple private clients, juggling a busy class schedule, and not having enough time for your own practice. This day-long program was designed to refresh your methods, to re-inspire your teaching, and to answer a lot of the questions behind exactly why we do what we do.  What to Expect: In this session, we'll being with a full vinyasa practice, allowing you to turn off the teacher’s brain for a bit, find solace on your mat again, and enjoy being a student.  We’ll then break down the components of instruction and gain confidence in safe and practical sequencing. We’ll discuss optimal frameworks for classes and cueing formulas, move through group exercises on sequencing and voicing deliberate, clear instructions, and share successful techniques on the business of yoga. This program is part retreat, part teacher (re)training, and part community building. In addition to receiving CEU’s, all attendees will also receive a digital guide to sequencing as well as downloadable worksheets and sequences.  Please bring a notepad and pen. In this learning environment, all questions are welcome about any topics within or involving yoga. (Teacher’s will receive 6.5 hours of CEU’s in accordance with Yoga Alliance Standards.)

 FEBRUARY 4 + 5, 2017


($35/session for first 35 students who register; all others $40/ session; sorry, no refunds)

SATURDAY, 12:30p – 3p Shine On: The Science of Optimism (all levels)

Intention: Get on the right track to living with passion, authenticity, quality relationships, and happiness.

Being a human is often times hard. Being an adult human with all of the responsibilities of modern life is even harder. But great minds from ancient philosophers to modern psychologists alike believe that the greatest part of the human experience is our ability to be thoroughly present and happy. Some even say this is our ultimate purpose. This class is unlike any other in that we’ll discuss what it is to drop shitty, stifling habits, to come alive, to be passionate about what we do, and to feel fulfilled. This discussion followed by a short yoga practice is aimed at reinvigorating our attitudes and making healthy choices toward happiness. Everything from finances to relationships will be discussed.

SATURDAY, 3:30p – 6:00p The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Upside Down (all levels)

Intention:  Explore safe methods and practices for nailing inversions.

Many yogis long for the ability to easily balance upside down. However, few understand that this requires intelligent technique, and a lot of practice. This class is about linking the regions of the body needed to balance safely as well as how to mentally and physically prepare for handstand. (Plank pose, downward dog, and dolphin pose should all be accessible if you plan on attending this class.)

SUNDAY, 10:30a – 1:00p

The Oyster + The Pearl: Hips + Shoulders + Heart Openers (all levels)

Intention: Strengthen and open various compartments of the hips and shoulders to more easily move and breathe in backbends.

Most people find it challenging to breathe and relax in back bends or hip openers. This class will highlight the basic anatomy of our hips and spine as well as techniques for safely and easily accessing these areas, and then move into deeper layers of physical practice that build on each other. We’ll learn how proper form and a smart approach will lead to ease and space in such postures as mermaid, upward facing bow, lizard, and camel.

SUNDAY, 2:00p – 4:00p

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Lazy Restoration (all levels)

Intention: Chill out in your pajamas with good tunes and lazy, restorative yoga to bring balance back to the body.

Life is often way too much go go go. Slow down in this class, chill for a bit, and unwind with purposeful yet lazy, restorative yin yoga. We’ll spend time opening the hips, spine, and shoulders while countering the negative effects of gravity on our bodies and a hectic lifestyle on our minds. Feel free to come in pajamas, bring your favorite pillow, and prepare for stretching your body back to its natural state of freedom and mobility. This class is yummy.


taylor is . . . bent on moving people both on and off the mat. His teachings are accessible, engaging, and based on smart, anatomical methods rooted in common sense. Above all, Taylor is passionate about social topics and human rights. His emergency medical background and travels have kept his hands in multiple projects, aimed at uncovering how awareness is moving the needle in relation to healthcare, climate change + conservation, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and racial inequalities. This guy is always eager to listen, learn, and pass it on. Catch a class in person or on or join a workshop near you to dive deeper into your practice. Event + retreat schedule at