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  • Lotus Yoga 869 Stockton Street Jacksonville, FL, 32204 United States (map)

Join us for three days of amazing AcroYoga and Slackline Yoga Instruction with Sam Salwei (co-founder of YogaSlackers) and Raquel Hernández (YogaSlackers and AcroYoga teacher).


April 8 - 10th

Friday:  7:00 - 9:00 pm Intro to AcroYoga

Saturday:  10:30 - 12:00 pm AcroYoga and 2:00 - 6:00 pm AcroYoga

Sunday:  10:00 - 12:00 pm Slackline Yoga* and 2:00 - 6:00 pm AcroYoga

*Sunday am Slackline Yoga will be held at Memorial Park; all other sessions will be at Lotus Yoga,


Full Weekend:  $150 by April 1st; $200 after

Friday Only:  $30

Saturday All Day:  $80

Sunday am Slackline ONLY:  $40

Special 20% off Discounts for teachers!  Email to register with the teacher discount.

YogaSlackers Sam Salwei and Raquel Hernández are lovers of movement. Limitations are a foreign concept to this teaching duo, as they spend their time traveling the world and fulfilling their dreams of being true modern-day nomads. Whether it’s driving coast-to-coast, or hopping on an airplane to travel overseas, the motivation is usually the same: bringing their passion for teaching to students all over the world.

What they lack in square footage for living space, they make up for with the wealth of expertise and knowledge they bring with them. Sam Salwei co-founded the YogaSlackers in 2005, and his passion for Slacklining has only grown since then. He typically can be found aweing crowds with his spectacles at every opportunity. Raquel perfectly complements Sam with her extensive training in Yoga, Acroyoga, Slacklining, and Healing Arts.

What makes this couple truly exceptional is their joint ability to spark in their students the same passion that they share for movement. Together, they create a playful, supportive, disciplined, and energetic environment in which learning comes naturally, and show their students that there is no limit to what they can achieve with a positive attitude and dedication. In fact, after taking enough of Sam and Raquel’s classes, “I can’t” may become as foreign of a concept to you as it is for the YogaSlackers!

The YogaSlackers have developed a teaching style that quickly improves the skills of their students. This weekend is designed to heighten the skills of students of all levels. We will work as a group to support and encourage our learning and to progressively surpass our boundaries to discover a world of increased possibilities. Come discover your true potential and to play like never before. No student is too new or too advanced to enjoy this weekend workshop.

This 3 day intensive is a great opportunity to refine your skills, learn new poses and transitions. We will challenge your balance, increase your abilities and help you explore new ways of non-verbal communication. The weekend will start reviewing your handstand practice and focus from there on hand to hand training for the entire weekend. Isn't that awesome?

You will gain the tools to effectively maintain a personal practice and there's nothing better than that.

Slackline training will be focused on using the slackline as tool to improve acrobatics!

~~~~~~~~ Pre-Requisites ~~~~~~~~
YogaSlackers reserves the right to remove any student from participating in the Workshop if student does not meet any applicable pre-requisites. This is not reason to be alarmed. There are several qualified teachers in the area, that can help you get ready for this. Join their classes and jams! Or invite a friend to play. You can do this!

**** NOTE****
This 3 day intensive main pre-req is to have a partner. This person does not has to be your current AcroPartner. It just has to be a person that is committed to work with you for the entire event.

As your acrobatic's practice increases, it becomes much more important to have a set partnership. It allows for an easier, safer learning process. Find a friend that wants to be your base or flyer. Practice the pre-requisites with him/her and join us for a lot more!

Handstand & AcroYoga
1) Groundwork (30 sec each)
Free Headstand
Handstand on the Wall

2) Base and Fly (15 sec or 5 repetitions)
Free Star
Bird Presses
Reverse Star

Lotus Yoga
869 Stockton Street, Suite 7
Jacksonville, FL 32204