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Birth Wisdom Workshop - September 9

We're hosting a Birth Wisdom Workshop for expecting parents here at our studio on September 9th!

This workshop is for expecting parents desiring a quicker, easier, safer and more peaceful birth experience for themselves and their babies. Your birth partner (significant other) will also learn all the skills needed to nurture and support you during your birthing journey! The info provided will prepare you for optimal birthing and leave you and your partner feeling excited and totally confident about bringing your baby into the world in the calm and gentle way that Nature intended.

You'll learn 60+ "Comfort Measures and Deep Relaxation Techniques" that are proven to release the body's "endogenous opioids" (natural pain killers) Think: massage, acupressure, water immersion, special deep breathing techniques, etc. 

We'll also cover the following topics:

- Following and trusting your womb wisdom (natural birthing instincts and intuition)
- How to avoid the "Fear-Tension-Pain" cycle” and turn it into "Enjoy-Accept-Relax"
- How to shave hours off your labor
- The "Three R's" by Penny Simkin: Relaxation, Rhythm, Ritual
- Emotional and physical needs of the laboring woman
- Nurturing, healing touch techniques and mother friendly language/speech during the birthing journey
- Creating a soothing birth environment that contributes to profound relaxation
- Optimal laboring positions and why movement and mobility are essential

We'll end the workshop with a guided meditation/creative visualization exercise combined with doTERRA essential oils.

$60/ couple


- Swag bag full of pregnancy + birth goodies
- The Ultimate Birth Bundle (PDF Collection) to help you prepare and plan for an awesome pregnancy, birth and postpartum
- Complimentary Birth Strategy Session with your instructor, Melynda Smith

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